Supporting WMS Families since 2008

1 in 250,000,000 people in the world are diagnosed with WMS ... 

Here for you if: 
  • Your child has just had a diagnosis (or tentative diagnosis) of Warburg Micro Syndrome (WMS) or
  • You are a Medical Professional looking to learn more about WMS to help one of your Families 


In 2004, our daughter was diagnosed with WMS - I will always remember the journey home and my late-night internet search for information - there was nothing except medical publications and that is why this website exists ... so no one else ever faces that lonely search again !

Yes, your life will change forever but in a positive way - these youngsters bring so much joy we call them our WMS Smilers ! They are wise souls who listen to everything around them with heightened senses and a mischievous nature.

Most of our support is done via our Warburg Micro Syndrome Facebook Group - it offers a chance to speak to other Parents with decades of practical experience. If you ask to join we will message you as soon as we can asking a little about your child and we would love to see a photo at this stage - before introducing you to your new WMS Family.

Research is still in its infancy - we don't know what tomorrow will bring but we are here to help you ...

We look forward to hearing from you !